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Très probablement oui.


Hello Maxim21!

Recently, I saw that you manage this beautiful wiki, the Nuvapadia. As it happens, I'm an administrator of the German Chronist-Wiki and have been thinking, why don't we partner up and exchange interlanguagelinks between both wikis?

I admit, we have got fewer articles than you, but we are still growing and we've also already established a partnership with the BS01, which is working pretty well. So, what do you say? Partners?

Sorry for this message not being written in French, but I do not speak your language and know that you, as a BS01 member, are able to speak English. ;-)

--Fippe 10 novembre 2014 à 10:45 (CET)

Hello Fippe.
Actually, I don't manage this wiki anymore, Reaper does. I brought his attention on your proposition and he should answer soon.
maxim21 (d) 10 novembre 2014 à 20:16 (CET)

Oh, well, I didn't know that. Thanks for redirecting the proposition to him. Does Reaper speak English? --Fippe 11 novembre 2014 à 10:46 (CET)

I think he should be able to handle a normal conversation in english. Might be a little bit choppy, but that should be understandable. maxim21 (d) 11 novembre 2014 à 11:13 (CET)

Good. :-) --Fippe 11 novembre 2014 à 11:24 (CET)

Hello Fippe
I'm glad to see that our wiki begin to be know beyond our frontiers, of course i'm totally agree with a partnership.
But, just to be on, by exchange interlanguagelinks you mean, me who add a link of Chronist in a main page of Nuvapedia and you who add a link of Nuvapedia on Main Page of Chronist ?

And, before you ask, yes i'm perfectly aware what an interlanguagelink mean.

Reaper (d) 11 novembre 2014 à 21:48 (CET)

Hello Reaper,

I'm glad to see that you agree to a partnership. What I was thinking of was not only putting interlanguagelinks on the main pages, but also putting an interlanguagelink on every article in both wikis, if the article exists in both wikis. Who exactly puts the links on the pages doesn't matter in my opinion, but personally, I would add links to both the Nuvapedia and the Chronist-Wiki.

So, seing that you agree to a partnership, I already added you to the Chronist-Wiki's interwiki table and put a link on our main page pointing to the Nuvapadia, and I see that Maxim did the same thing over here, which is very good. :-)

Now, the question is, how do we proceed? --Fippe 12 novembre 2014 à 10:12 (CET)

Oh, another thing: Maxim, if I may ask you for a favor, could you please change the entry from http://www.chronistwiki.de/wiki/$1 to http://chronistwiki.de/wiki/$1? That actually isn't that relevant, but I personally prefer the spelling without the “www”. --Fippe 12 novembre 2014 à 18:52 (CET)
No problem, that's done. --maxim21 (d) 12 novembre 2014 à 18:58 (CET)
Thank you! --Fippe 12 novembre 2014 à 18:59 (CET)
I suggest that we proceed on the following way: We give priority to our respective wiki with the possibility to help the other when necessary. What do you think ?

--Reaper (d) 12 novembre 2014 à 18:58 (CET)

Yeah, that sounds a little weird out of the context of our conversation, Reaper :p
To explain a little bit: we're totally ok with interwiki links on all articles (well, when the article exists on both wiki, of course). We were thinking the easiest way would probably be that the editors here add links to CW and the editors on CW add links to the NIE in priority. Of course, that wouldn't mean they wouldn't be allowed to go on the other wiki to help. --maxim21 (d) 13 novembre 2014 à 07:17 (CET)

Yes, that sounds very good. So, I guess, we can start right away. --Fippe 13 novembre 2014 à 12:14 (CET)

I got this the wrong way, didn't I? --Fippe 13 novembre 2014 à 12:49 (CET)

I guess, yes. Not a real problem, though, I think. That's not really a big matter while the work is done ; )
To clarify what I was saying: NIE users add links to CW on NIE pages and CW users add links to NIE on CW. I hope this is easier to understand. (I saw on your topic on derchronist.net that people add trouble interpreting what I was saying, sorry if I wasn't clear).

--maxim21 (d) 13 novembre 2014 à 12:56 (CET)

Haha, okay. I think the only one who misunderstood you was I myself. Okay, from now on, we'll do it the right way. --Fippe 13 novembre 2014 à 16:29 (CET)

My goodness, Maxim! Thank you very much for all your edits! Sorry though for letting you do most of the work, I hope you're not angry.. --Fippe 24 novembre 2014 à 17:26 (CET)

No, no problem. I had the time so I did it, that's all ;) --maxim21 (d) 24 novembre 2014 à 19:23 (CET)